Preserve Pine Meadow Golf Course As Open Space

From New Webster’s Dictionary: permanent: “continuing and enduring without change”

Project goes before Martinez City Council on Dec 3rd

The Coward-Valerga annexation was approved on November 4, 1970. The annexation area was largely deemed undeveloped property encompassing approximately 54 acres (Coward property encompassed 48 acres). The annexation was initiated by the property owner in order to provide City water service to the area. When the property was annexed, the entire 54 acres was zoned “H” (holding) which only permitted for pre-existing uses such as agricultural and recreation such as a golf course. This holding zone was what was used to allow the City to determine the future designation and zoning.

In 1970 the Planning Commission created the Hidden Valley Open Space Committee to study the undeveloped in order to identify those areas which should be preserved in their natural condition. The committee was comprised of three members of the Planning Commission and representatives of the Park and Recreation Commission, Scenic Highlands Improvement Association, Muir Meadows Homeowners Association, Muir Meadows Garden Club, Hidden Valley Parents Club, Hidden Valley school administration and interested residents. The annexation area then underwent a lengthy public review process between 1970 and 1974 there were six public meetings held. The meetings were held on October 29, 1970, December 3, 1970, March 4, 1971, April 15, 1971, May 3, 1971 and June 3, 1971 the history is well documented in the attached documents.

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