Congratulations. Together we overturned the City Council resolution changing Pine Meadow from Permanent Open Space/Recreation to housing to allow a 99-house project there.

Over 3900 of us signed the referendum that forced the Council to either repeal their resolution or put it to a public vote. They chose a public vote in November 2016 at the Council meeting on 3/18.

If the Mayor and the 3 other Councilmembers had voted to protect our open space, and stop turning it into housing, the referendum and November 2016 public vote would not be necessary. Open space and parkland is VERY important to us Martinez residents.

  • It is critical to our quality of life
  • It increases our property values
  • It directly affects our health and well-being, and our children and pets

This Council needs to join us in protecting our open space and parkland. When they do, there will be thousands of us who will partner with them to find solutions that are fair to everyone. Our job now is to convince them of that…and to win the November 2016 vote! We have a lot of work to do to get the real facts to all the people.

Help us today by joining our e-mail list and following us on Facebook, and by donating $25-$50-$100 or more to help us get the word out. Donations are critical to getting our message to the voting public.